Top 5 apps to get around South Africa

  • 22 February 2016

In South Africa we take driving for granted, it’s one of those things that almost everyone can do. But what do you do when your guests don’t have a car? The public transport system has comes leaps and bounds in the last 10 years, and these apps can help you go further.


Uber is a smartphone app available to anyone with a Cheque account and internet banking. It offers a safe cab system with affordable rates, a “split fare” function, where users can share the fare of the cab and an XL version for larger groups.


We all know well that public transport can at times be unreliable and confusing. The FindMyWay app makes the system far easier to navigate. It allows you to enter your location and your destination – and then it does all the hard work for you, plotting out the route and telling you when and where to get on and off.

TCT app

The app is exclusive to Cape Town, and covers every aspect of transport you could ever need, from walking to the MyCiti bus.

Note: The one thing that neither of these apps do is buy your ticket or MyCiti card for you, that you have to do at the relevant stations.

The African Translator Dictionary

Apps and Google Translate are making communication easier and easier. The African Translator Dictionary offers English to Afrikaans and Zulu, as well as many other African languages.

Trail Guide South Africa

Sometimes getting around doesn’t mean getting from Point A to Point  B, it’s rather about how you get there. Trail Guide South Africa shows you the best hiking trails and mountain biking adventures around you, and the path you should take once there.