Durban: The 5 best local spots

  • 04 May 2016

Are you heading to Durban for INDABA 2016? While you’re there, check out these top spots that don’t normally make the tour guides. They’re where to go if you’re looking for an authentic, local Durban experience – because they’re where the Durbanites go.

Addington Beach

Warm water and quiet waves – this beach is perfect for people who want to embrace the chilled Durban atmosphere and just relax.

Afro’s Chicken

Fresh, affordable and absolutely delicious – Afro’s chicken is a chain take-away restaurant loved by the locals. Grab yourself some chicken and “tjips” to enjoy on the beachfront, be careful of brave seagulls – they love the chips almost as much as the people do.

The Durban Botanical Gardens

Make a picnic and spend a day admiring South Africa’s local flora. Check their website to see when the next upcoming concert is, if you’re lucky you could catch one of the many talented local musicians who play in the park regularly.

House of Curries

House of curries is home to the arguably most famous bunny chow in South Africa. What is bunny chow? It’s delicious, homemade curry served in a hollowed out loaf of bread – and it’s unique to this region of South Africa.

Eight Morrison Street

Eight Morrison Street is where the hippest Durbanites gather. They host events like sneaker exchanges, markets with food stalls and up-and-coming designers and even yoga classes. This is the place to be if you’re looking for young, fresh talent and events.