Dining with Kenyans: Tips and Guidelines

  • 08 December 2015

Kenya – home to a beautiful mountain, a variety of animals, sixty-four languages and a plethora of great cuisine. When hosting Kenyans at your dining table there are a few things you can do to make sure your guests are at their utmost level of comfort.

Washing Hands

Kenyans wash their hands before and after meals. If you want to go the extra mile bring a wash basin to the table and pour water over your guest’s hands both before and after a meal.

Dining in a Group

At Kenyan tables you do not begin eating until the eldest male has been served and started eating as a sign of respect.

Eating and Drinking

In Kenya it is considered impolite to eat and drink at the same time. Drinks are usually served at the completion of the meal, but to be safe always ask when your patrons would like their drinks. Also, make sure to clear glasses at the arrival of the meal if they have chosen to drink first.