Celebrating concierges and helping them shine

  • 30 September 2016

As patrons of tourism, it’s our job to ensure that all our guests are treated with the utmost care and respect. Standing at the frontlines of our industry, and providing the crucial first impression, is the concierge.

The concierge industry is as challenging as it is rewarding. These men and women are considered the “gatekeepers” of every establishment and thrive on delivering extraordinary services. This takes a remarkable amount of dedication, passion and ongoing enthusiasm, and should act as a mark of pride for everyone who fulfils this role.

Recently, to help improve service excellence, the annual South African Concierge Conference – themed “Share, Inspire and Shine” – brought together industry experts to network with guests, share valuable tips and gain insights into this respected profession.

The vibrant city of Durban was first in hosting the conference, which was held at The Oyster Box Hotel on 31 August 2016. On 7 September 2016, the spotlight was on Cape Town when the conference took place at Southern Sun’s The Cullinan Hotel. Considered as “a valuable platform to share experiences and new trends”, the last conference took place at the Saxon Boutique Hotel in Sandhurst, Johannesburg, on 28 September 2016.

Deon Prinsloo, head concierge at The Palazzo hotel says: “From humble beginnings, the annual event has become very popular with concierges, hotel guest relations and those in the hospitality industry. It is important that concierges and guest relations empower those around them with wisdom and infuse them with passion, thus enabling the seamless creation of memorable moments for guests.”

The South African Tourism Welcome initiative participates and supports this important conference, and aims to help impart knowledge for the greater tourism industry, providing the latest statistics and giving all trade partners, including concierges, access to research on visitor markets who visit this beautiful country.  The tools provided through the SAT Welcome Initiative will assist you in making your guests’ day, every day. It encourages and creates confidence in improving your level of service, ensuring that your guests have the best possible experience in South Africa and at your establishment. Who better to benefit from these tools than our South African concierges.

The initiative wants to remain a trusted and valuable resource for our faithful concierges and anyone who desires to help take tourism in South Africa to the next level. With our Tourist Toolkit, we can help you make that first impression count by:

Aiming to create and sustain engagement with industry stakeholders, the SAT Welcome initiative looks forward to being a part of the annual South African Concierge conference, as well as to help develop its offerings in the years to follow. We at SAT want to continue adding value through our initiative and ensure support for the industry through conferences such as this one.