3 tips for adding some local flare to your offering

  • 23 November 2015

Make your guest’s experience that much more memorable by adding some local flare to their stay. 

  1. Welcome them

Teach your guests some basic lingo. You could even print out a card with some interesting local phrases on them. From “molo” to “howzit” and “robots”, we have lots of fun phrases which they’re sure to enjoy.

  1. Mix up their meals

Let your guests taste the flavours of South Africa by putting local twists on international dishes. Snack on boerie rolls instead of hotdogs or Nik Naks instead of crisps. At breakfast time serve ostrich sausage or simply give them an Ouma rusk with their tea. Yum.

  1. Give them something to remember you by

Give your visitors something more than a memory to remember you by, and support local products at the same time. We have thousands of craftsmen in South Africa, why not give your guests a local memento from one of them? Whether it’s a beaded keychain, or a little bracelet – every time they see it they will be reminded of you, and their great South African experience