The first thing you ever say to a guest is 'hello', so be sure to make them smile:

  • People love to be greeted in their own language; try to find out the greeting in your guests' language
  • Make sure that everyone who works with your guests knows the power of a friendly attitude and a smile
  • Remember that smiles are contagious, so smile at your guests and they will probably smile back

There are a few questions that guests often ask, so have the answers handy:

  • Access to the Internet is important. Know where the nearest coffee shop or Internet café is or, if you can, offer your guests free Wi-Fi in your establishment
  • It is essential to have maps handy to give to guests. This will help them to get around and find points of interest
  • Have the details of the nearest foreign exchange office, and know where nearby ATMs are

Giving guests a special South African welcome gift can make them feel special and valued:

  • Your guests will be able to keep a keyring or postcard, and show it to friends and family when they get back home
  • Something they can eat, such as biltong, will give them some local flavour, though remind them to eat it before they go home
  • Little touches, like a chocolate on the pillow or a welcome letter (in the guest’s own language, if possible), are the things that guests will remember

Different tourists often have different needs. For more information on tourists from different countries, have a look at our country-specific information.