Here are some suggestions for activities and attractions in the Northern Cape that your guests might be interested in. It is important to be knowledgeable about attractions in your area – if you recommend something that your guests really enjoy, it will make their day.

Cultural experiences

Most visitors love cultural experiences, and it pays to know about those in your area.

Here are some ideas for how tourists can experience culture in the Northern Cape:

  • Go on a tour of the Kimberley Mine Museum, which recreates what the town must have looked like back when fortune-seekers converged there to dig for diamonds
  • Travel along the Missionary Route from Kimberley to Upington, through the area that once belonged to the original Griquas, well-known missionaries David Livingstone, Robert Moffat and John Campbell, and where the British High Command was once stationed during the South African (Anglo-Boer) War
  • Enjoy country tourism at the Karoo farm museums – where some of the best-preserved South African War blockhouses are to be found 
  • Visit the Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art Centre, which houses rock engravings that date back as far as 1 800 years, believed to be recordings of the visions of shamans who accessed the spirit world through altered states of consciousness
  • Grab a drink at the Star of the West – Kimberley’s oldest pub

Scenic beauty spots

Many tourists look forward to enjoying the natural beauty of our country. Make sure you can point them to the most picturesque spots.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Visit one of the country’s most exciting natural attractions – Augrabies Falls, also known as Aukoerabis, 'the place of noise', by the Khoi 
  • Visit the often misty Port Nolloth which has been a sea port for diamond divers, fishermen, seafarers and copper miners for over 150 years 
  • Travel along the Namaqua Wild Flower Route which will amaze you with an extraordinary colourful display of wild flowers and Namaqualand daisies when the weather is right
  • Wait for the sun to set and travel along the Karoo’s Starry Route where, away from the city lights, the bright stars come out in their full splendour

Wildlife viewing

South Africa is famed for its wildlife. Our land is home to many, diverse creatures, many of which tourists will have never seen before, and which they probably haven’t seen in the wild.

The majority of visitors to South Africa can’t wait to go on a safari or game drive, so make sure you know where they can do this.

Here are a few examples of where guests can see South Africa's spectacular wildlife:

Action adventure

  • Guests with the thirst for a bit of adventure might like to journey along the Orange River (through or around rapids, as they prefer) in an inflatable raft or Indian Mohawk canoe.
  • Tracking with the Khomani San in the southern Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is not just a physical adventure, but a mental one as well, and for some even a spiritual one.
  • The skate park in Kimberley has hosted the Maloof Money Cup, and is a worthy destination for any action addict.
  • Many paragliding enthusiasts adore the Karoo, and many world records for the sport have been set here. The towns of De Aar and Kuruman are the region’s paragliding centres.
  • The Northern Cape is blessed with fantastic terrain for exciting 4X4 driving. The dongas, hills and dunes will beckon to any guest with a taste for action and adventure.

Culture and lifestyle

  • For any guest interested in South African history, a visit to the Kimberley Africana Library will be a fascinating experience. Here they will find and extensive collection of books, manuscripts and photographs.
  • The Nama Riel dance, a derivative of the ancient fireside rituals of the Khoi and San peoples, and a popular folk dance in years gone by, is undergoing a revival in the Northern Cape. Guests might like to attend one of these dance events.
  • The William Humphreys Art Gallery in Kimberley houses art by both international and local artists.

Lap of luxury

  • Owned by the Oppenheimer diamond family, Tswalu Kalahari, in the tiny town of Hotazel, is a luxurious gem deep in the Kalahari.  
  • The town of Kimberley exists because of the diamond rush in the late 19th century. Guests may like to take a piece of its history with them in the form of beautifully crafted diamond jewellery.

If you are interested in reading about more attractions in the Northern Cape, visit the South African Tourism website.

Guests also appreciate having an idea of what there is to do in other areas, so find out where they are going next and offer some ideas for what they might like to do when they get there.