Food & beverage

Jain pizza with Jodi-Ann Pearton

In this video clip by Darling Lama Productions, chef Jodi-Ann Pearton makes a delicious Jain vegetarian pizza and gives some insight into creating wonderful meals for Indian visitors to South Africa.

Food and wine pairing

When working in the food industry, it is important to be informed on which wine flavours complement which dishes. Always suggest a bottle of wine to complement your guest's menu choice, but remember that ultimately it is the guest's choice.

The basics of wine in South Africa

From Chenin Blanc to Pinotage, this short video will help you understand the basics of wine from South Africa.

How to open and serve a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne

Drinking champagne or sparkling wine is usually saved for a special occasion. This short video tutorial will teach you about the art of opening and serving the chosen sparkling wine correctly, adding to the occasion.

How to open and serve a bottle of white wine

From white wine choice, serving and clearing, this short video tutorial will have any waiter serving wine correctly in no time.

How to open and serve a bottle of red wine

Most wine drinkers have a very sophisticated palate. That is why it is so important that their wine is served correctly.

20 Experiences in 10 Days - Winelands, Western Cape

A group of tourists from the UK went on a wineland tour in the Western Cape. In this video they share their experiences.

20 Experiences in 10 Days - Fine Dining

A family from India share their experience of fine dining in South Africa.

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Essential Guide to SA’s Top Indian Restaurants
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Delicious Jain Breakfasts
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Guide to Vegetarian, Vegan and Jain Dining in South Africa
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