About the Welcome initiative

Welcome is a South African Tourism initiative that aims to create and sustain engagement with industry stakeholders, and encourage information sharing.

The initiative extends a hand to all role-players in the tourism industry, from seasoned tourism business owners to young, thriving start-ups.

For anyone in the travel trade, word-of-mouth referrals and personal endorsements are the pinnacle of marketing, and the Welcome initiative wants to help you to achieve this on a regular basis. 

The tools we provide will assist you in making your guests’ day, every day. It will empower you with the tools you need to improve your level of service, and make sure that your guests have the best possible experience in South Africa, and your establishment. This will ensure they have a special, meaningful experience. They will then want to return, and recommend you (and South Africa) to their friends.


Some of the tools you will find here are:

There are many more resources and ideas to empower you as a professional, and to ensure that you can make any guest’s day, every day.

Further, making sure that visitors have a fantastic experience is also good for South Africa, as tourism is an important driver of job creation and revenue.

So whether you are a tour operator, an hotelier, a restaurateur, waiter or waitress, or almost anyone else working in tourism and hospitality, put your best foot forward and make someone's day.