Know your Dutch visitor


Good morning: 'Goedemorgen' (khoo duh more khen)

Good afternoon: 'Goedemiddag' (khoo duh midakh)

Good evening: 'Goedenavond'  (khoo dun ah fohnt)

The Dutch regard bribery with distaste.

The Dutch love bicycles and are willing to use them as much as possible, even when on holiday. Cycle tours in the country definitely hold great appeal, as do outdoor tracks that include wildlife viewing.

The Dutch enjoy meeting new people and socialising over a beer or two. Family pubs or similar outings are likely to meet with approval, as are cultural family events.

The Dutch place great emphasis on floral beauty, so an outing to a botanical garden or plant nursery would probably be greatly enjoyed.

The Dutch keep excellent time and punctuality is highly regarded.

Converse in a normal tone on a mobile phone. Research indicates that an annoying habit is people who talk too loudly on cellphones.