Know your Japanese visitor


'Konnichiwa' (kohn-nee-chee-wah) – the standard greeting used in most settings, regardless of social status.

'Moshi moshi' (mohsh-mohsh) – this is the greeting used during phone conversations.

'Ohayō gozaimasu' (oh-hah-yoh goh-za-ee-muss) – used when greeting someone during the morning.

'Konbanwa' (kohn-bahn-wah) – used when greeting someone during the evening.

Tipping is seen as an extremely rude gesture in Japanese culture. Do not encourage your guests to tip.

Tardiness. Make sure that you are punctual at all times.

Take your visitor for a scenic drive or to a game park.

Manners are extremely important in Japanese culture. Say thank you in every applicable situation ('arigatou gozaimasu' – ah-ree-ga-toe go-zai-mahs).

Before eating it is good manners to say, ‘Itadakimasu’, and after eating, ‘Gochisosama deshita’.

If a Japanese person tilts their head away from you when you’ve asked them to do something, it is a sign of strong reluctance or polite refusal.

Avoid showing up in casual clothes for a meeting. Japanese people wear formal suits to meetings.