Know your German visitor


"Guten Tag" 

People who arrive late for appointments.

First-name familiarity at a business luncheon.

Hard-sell or ambush tactics in business.

Humour in the workplace – business is taken very seriously.

Texting or taking calls during business meetings.

Talking loudly on a cellphone.

German visitors enjoy sampling South African wines, so a wine tour would be a good suggestion. 

Germans also enjoy beer, so visits to emerging craft breweries are likely to be welcomed with enthusiasm.

Since South Africa's scenery, wildlife and culture are highly rated, it’s a good idea to recommend game reserves, cultural villages and country drives. 

When in the company of others, allow calls to go to voicemail.

When taking a call from a German, use your surname to introduce yourself.

End a call with "Auf Wiederhören" rather than the more informal "Auf Wiedersehen".

Strict hierarchy is observed, with deference to authority.

Wait for your host to indicate where you should sit at a business meal.