Know your Brazilian visitor


Hello, how are you?: Olá, Como está? (olah, komu eshta?)

Black or purple gifts are frowned upon as these are the colours of mourning

Brazilians love football, so suggest they attend a local soccer match or visit one of our magnificent stadiums

They also love dancing, so a nightclub visit would be a highlight

Recommend the best game reserves in your province (or other provinces if they are willing to travel), as this is the most favoured tourist activity in South Africa

Brazilians value punctuality

It’s respectful to say ‘bom apetite’ before you begin eating

Brazilians don’t often drink from a bottle or can, pour your guest’s drink into a glass

Brazilians do use toothpicks may at table, but will do so discreetly, behind the hand or napkin

Belching at table is considered extremely rude and guests are expected to visit the bathroom to blow their nose

Brazilian guests will probably leave their cutlery resting on their plates when not in use