Know your Australian visitor

English (and 20 indigenous languages)

Formal: Greetings are informal and relaxed, with a handshake or smile.

Casual: G’day or G’day, mate.


Private conversations within earshot.

Australians enjoy braais (barbecues) and beer.

Bring out your sense of humour – Australians love a good laugh.

Be punctual when dealing with Australians.

Australians are generally friendly, down-to-earth individuals who are mindful of not coming across as opinionated.

They value punctuality and will not be more than 15 minutes late for a party or braai (barbecue).

Most loathe pretentiousness, but place high value on being genuine and sincere.

Australians generally admire modesty, humility and a good sense of humour.

On average they do not brag about being academic or other achievements and tend to mistrust those who do.

They are generally self-deprecating about their success, yet fiercely competitive, especially on the sports field.