Chinese people usually consider it polite to use both hands when giving or receiving a gift.



Information about tourist behaviour and statistics.


Celebrating concierges and helping them shine

As patrons of tourism, it’s our job to ensure that all our guests are treated with the utmost care and…


Events in the tourism industry

 Keep track of what's happening in the tourism industry locally and globally.

Mahatma Gandhi spent more than 20 years in South Africa.


Why Indian tourists visit South Africa

‘It’s got a mystique, a novelty about it ...’ Indian tourists to South Africa discuss why they chose to visit.


Being passionate is what we do best

South Africans are known for their generosity, warmth and friendly nature. It comes naturally for us to offer excellent service…

SA Specialist

The SA Specialist programme is a two-part online course, in which trade can learn more about South Africa as a tourism destination.