Never advertise something you can’t deliver or charge your guests more than you quoted.



Information about tourist behaviour and statistics.


Dealing with comments on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel review site with millions of reviewers out there ready to have a say about…


Events in the tourism industry

 Keep track of what's happening in the tourism industry locally and globally.

Fish and shellfish dishes go well with sparkling wine.


UK - 20 Experiences in 10 Days - Motorbike Tour

A group of tourists from the UK went on a motorbike tour in the Western Cape. In this video they…


South African favourites for Brazilian guests

In the wake of South African Tourism’s strategy of targeting emerging markets, backed by robust brand marketing from two specially…

SA Specialist

The SA Specialist programme is a two-part online course, in which trade can learn more about South Africa as a tourism destination.