Never advertise something you can’t deliver or charge your guests more than you quoted.



Information about tourist behaviour and statistics.


Italian etiquette: what you need to know

When hosting Italian guests, there are a few things that you have to remember to avoid awkward situations.



Events in the tourism industry

 Keep track of what's happening in the tourism industry locally and globally.

The Sunland Baobab tree, near Tzaneen in Limpopo province, is about 6 000 years old.


How to open and serve a bottle of white wine

From white wine choice, serving and clearing, this short video tutorial will have any waiter serving wine correctly in no…


An introduction to Italian food and dining

Now that we have covered Italian etiquette, you’ll know that you can’t go wrong with wine, cheese, pizza and pasta…

SA Specialist

The SA Specialist programme is a two-part online course, in which trade can learn more about South Africa as a tourism destination.