Address your guests courteously with Mr, Mrs or their title, until you are invited to call them by their first name.



Information about tourist behaviour and statistics.


Our guide to a warm Brazilian welcome

As a world-class travel destination, we get visitors from all over the world. From just across the Atlantic Ocean, on…


Events in the tourism industry

 Keep track of what's happening in the tourism industry locally and globally.

Dry white or rosé wines are often served with starters.


India - 20 Experiences in 10 Days - Bus Tour

A family from India share their experience of a bus tour in Cape Town.

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Namaste – a warm welcome goes a long way

Aside from it being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India also happens to be South Africa’s…

SA Specialist

The SA Specialist programme is a two-part online course, in which trade can learn more about South Africa as a tourism destination.